Fortnite Storm The Agency challenges

Epic still have a few tricks left up their sleeves for the current set up, and one of them in a new set of Fortnite Storm The Agency challenges. Changes are already afoot at this central Spy Base, and these are most likely tied into the rumoured upcoming Fortnite Doomsday event, which could well be the trigger for the transition to next season. As things kick off on the island, you’ll need to swim over Fortnite Agency hatches, scan faction locked chests in Spy Bases, and eliminate Henchmen at Safe Houses, so you can unlock your reward of an appropriately stormy looking umbrella glider for your efforts.

At the time of writing we’re not sure exactly when the Fortnite Storm The Agency challenges are going to launch in the game, but with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 arriving in early June there’s not a large release window left for them. As weekly challenges in Fortnite usually go live on Thursdays and there’s no sign of them on May 21, it could be that we won’t have access to them until May 28 now, leaving a week to tick them all off. You can rest assured though that when they are available, you’ll find all the information you need to crack the Fortnite v bucks generator Storm The Agency challenges in this guide.

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Fortnite Storm The Agency challenges

Storm the Agency Challenges: 20, 2020

Land at The Agency (1)

A nice and simple challenge to kick things off here, just land at The Agency named location in the middle of the map.

Survive Storm Circles (10)

This should come automatically over time, though surviving through Solo, Duos, or Squads matches will speed up the process as you’ll encounter more storm circles than in a Team Rumble match.

Open a faction locked chest at different Spy Bases (3)

To open a faction locked chest, you can either disguise yourself as a Henchman using one of the Fortnite phone booths, or knock a Henchman before carrying them over to it. Follow the prompt to scan yourself (or the Henchman you’re carrying) and open the chest, then repeat until you’ve covered three of the five available Spy Bases.

Fortnite The Agency Hatches
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Swim over hatches at The Agency (1)

A number of hatches have appeared in the water surrounding The Agency, and you need to swim over one of them here. We’ve marked the locations of all five Fortnite Agency hatches on the screen above, though they’re reasonably easy to spot in the water when you’re nearby.

Eliminate a Henchman at different Safe Houses (3)

There are a total of five Fortnite SHADOW Safe Houses dotted around the island, and you’ll need to eliminate a Henchman at three different locations for this challenge. To find them, check out our separate guide.

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